About CCHero

ConnectCareHero origins started back from an early age for Osvaldo. His dad, Abraham, was a little older than most dads when he had him. From a young age, Osvaldo learned the aging journey when his dad started showing symptoms of dementia. One day, the disease quickly progressed and Osvaldo & Abraham’s journey through senior living communities began in 2014. For the following 4 years, Osvaldo experienced a lot of emotions, including anxiety from not being connected enough to what his dad was participating through activities. This was the start of the creation of CCHero.

CCHero provides just that by enabling senior living communities to create a unique and enhanced experience for seniors and families. The CCHero platform helps staff complete their work a lot faster and allow them to share what their loved one is participating in through activities. We help keep families connected through a simple to use Family app and give them a glimpse into their social wellbeing. Just because your loved one is now in a community doesn’t mean you can't be easily connected to them and feel apart of their life.

The CCHero team is comprised of a great group of individuals that’s on a mission to help senior living staff & management teams be the HEROS of their communities. Our mission is simple, we’re here to provide enhanced experiences & connect families, staff and seniors through technology.