Personalizing Elder Care in Senior Living Communities

Our Solutions

Solutions designed to help senior living communities connect and engage with residents and families.
Staff Efficiency

Our platform enables staff to complete assignments and tasks using one tool.

Family Engagement

Families can stay up-to-date with their loved one’s day-to-day activities with the touch of a button.

Personalized Elder Care

With ConnectCareHero, families and staff work together to provide personalized care for residents.

Who We Are

A personalized experience for elders.

When founder, Osvaldo Montelongo's father began to reside in a senior community, Osvaldo noticed that staff didn't really know that much about his father. This sparked an idea: What if resident information could be provided to the staff for the benefit of the resident? ConnectCareHero provides just that by enabling senior living communities to create a unique experience for residents. The ConnectCareHero platform helps staff connect with residents on a personal level, while serving as a task management tool for staff. Additionally, the platform allows families to stay connected and involved with their loved ones. If you're a senior living community, contact us today for a trial of ConnectCareHero.

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